We are seeking highly motivated students who possess strong technical skills and the ability to work in a fast-paced collaborative environment.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Develop new software and enhance existing systems.
  • Create tools to process, store and analyze quote, trade and financial data.
  • Work closely with our traders, quantitative research analysts, implementation programmers and other groups to provide software solutions.

Requirements of the Candidate include:

  • Pursuing an undergraduate or graduate level degree in Computer Science or Mathematics.
  • C++ and/or Java programming knowledge or experience in a Linux environment preferred.
  • Excellent academic record.
  • Strong problem solving skills.
  • Knowledge of shell scripts and other languages including Perl, Bash or CSH is a plus.
  • Knowledge of relational databases including Sybase, SQL Server and Oracle is a plus.

Please send your Developer Internship resume to recruiting@scm-lp.com.

We’re seeking exceptionally motivated students with a strong interest in the financial markets to contribute to our empirical research process. The range of research ideas to investigate is open-ended and will depend on a candidate’s background and strengths.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Read and analyze academic research or other source material pertaining to anomalies in the global financial markets.
  • Build data sets and conduct statistical analysis on the data.


  • Substantial progress toward a degree (graduate level preferred) in a quantitative discipline (e.g. statistics, econometrics, mathematics, engineering, physics or computer science) or finance (with extensive coursework in quantitative disciplines).
  • Programming experience, ideally including R, C++ and/or Python.
  • Experience with regression analysis.
  • Strong interest in learning how to build, organize and analyze large data sets.
  • Strong organizational and communication skills.

Please send your Quantitative Research Analyst Internship resume to recruiting@scm-lp.com.